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Videos Of Past Events.

With General Manager, Jim Fitzpatrick, to explain the rules of the game.Produced, shot & edited by Jen Vaughn.

San Francisco Bay Bombers vs The Brooklyn Red Devils Game at the Bombers’ ‘Toys-for-Tots’ benefit, Alameda County Fairgrounds in Pleasanton, CA, December 11, 2010.

This is the last play in the seventh period.

Mens 8th and final period of the game at the Avi. 9-25-10

Women’s 7th skating period at the Avi. 9-25-10

Mens 6th period skating action at the Avi. 9-25-10

Women’s 5th skating action at the Avi. 9-25-10

Mens 4th period skating action at thr Avi. 9-25-10

The 2010 home opener for the SF Bay Bombers was a total success. Jim Fitzpatrick and the Bombers were able to score points in the closing minutes of the game to beat Mizz Georgia Hase and the Brooklyn Red Devils. Music for this video provided by A Band Called Pain Video shot and edited by Brad Wagner for ‘Til The Paper Comes Productions

Watch as the SF Bay Bombers banked track goes up in under two minutes

Bay City Bombers Recruitment San Francisco in Golden Gate Park