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Bombers in the news

With eyes on May 9 East Bay match, S.F. Bay Bombers roller derby is fast and real

Jim Fitzpatrick is old-school roller derby, with his roots in the 1960s when the sport was riding high. Now he’s part of a modern resurgence and is bringing his team, the San Francisco Bay Bombers, to Alameda on May 9.

You’ll see the ‘jammers’ breaking out of the pack, skating hard as they score points by passing their opponents and avoiding the heavier set ‘blockers.’ The Bombers are facing the Brooklyn Red Devils.

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The ARSD League and The San Francisco Bay Bombers are dedicating the February 28th game to, two of greats in Roller Derby history!

The ARSD League and The San Francisco Bay Bombers are dedicating the February 28th game to, two of the greats in Roller Derby history!


In 1954 Annis “Big Red” Jensen, (1921 – January 10, 2015)  first women’s captain of the San Francisco Bay Bombers and one of the most popular skaters in Roller Derby history. When Roller Derby was at its height in the Bay Area during the 1950s and 1960s, Ms. Jensen was widely considered one of the nation’s best skaters. She was nicknamed “Big Red” after skating on a short-lived team called the “West Virginia Redheads.” The name stuck – and her red hair became iconic on the track! At the time of retirement in 1969, she was the oldest active skater in league history. In 1964, she was inducted into the Roller Derby Hall of Fame. She returned to active skating, again with the Bay Bombers, in mid 1974 skating alongside Ann CalvelloJoan Weston and Jensen’s daughter, Barbara Baker. Jensen died in January 2015 in Arizona. She was 93. Rest In Peace Annis. This game is in your honor! 


Charlie O’Connell (May 7, 1935 – February 9, 2015) was a New York roller derby skater, considered the premier male star of his sport. He was inducted into the Roller Derby Hall of Fame in 1967, after his first retirement.

He made an immediate impact in his 1953 debut season with the New York Chiefs and was named rookie of the year. Nicknamed “Mr. Roller Derby”, he went on to win the league’s Most Valuable Player award eight times.He initially retired in 1967, but soon returned to the sport and played until 1978, before finally hanging up his skates for good. He estimated he had played “well over 3000 games” during his career. He was one of the focal points of the 1971 documentary film Derby. He died aged 79 on February 9, 2015. Charlie was coach and “that”  skater for The San Francisco Bay Bombers that every man wanted to be! Today his imagery is still cast on all the posters and literature printed for the SF Bay Bombers!
Rest in Peace Charlie, this game is also in your honor.