Vic Redmond – Brooklyn Red Devils #11

vicredmond A resident of Riverside, California, Vic Redmond attended his first roller game event in Los Angeles and knew this was his future. The SoCal boy grew up playing youth hockey for the North Hollywood Bruins!

Despite growing up watching roller derby on television, Redmond never experienced it live until 1971. Among the many games he has since seen was The Los Angeles T-Birds and San Francisco Bay Bombers on the Fourth of July at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, California. It was at the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles where Redmond was trained – originally by Spec Saunders as well as from the great Hall-of-Famers, John Hall and Ralphie Valladares!

Five years after seeing roller derby live, Redmond graduated from the Los Angeles T-Bird’s Roller Dome earning the distinction of “Winner of most points scored by a rookie” during that same season. Soon after, he found himself under the guidance of the great Harold Jackson of The Chicago Hawks. Redmond continued to skate with the Hawks for five World Series championships and through four President Cup championships! He also participated in a World Series win – with the Los Angeles T-Birds in San Juan, Puerto Rico – in 1983!

Late in the 2010 season, Redmond was asked to step in due to a skate no-show and work under the direction Ms. Georgia Hase. Hase was impressed by Redmond. The following day she contacted him and shared her strategy of creating successful teams with a mixture of new and veteran skaters working together. Redmond joined her team – the Brooklyn Red Devils – and has been with ARSD ever since! – In Laughlin, Nevada, Redmond stepped in for another team – gaining insight on his soon-to-be-rival team the San Francisco Bay Bombers! Redmond used this moment in time to infiltrate the Bay Bombers, taking time to learn the team’s offensive and defensive plays that night! Redmond, ever faithful to the Brooklyn Red Devils, took the intel back to Hase.


Now a veteran, Redmond is one of the most feared pro skaters in the league! His ARSD accomplishments include: Most Valuable Player of the 2010-2011 season and All-Star from 2012; appearances on TV shows like “The Six Million Dollar Man” and the Roller Games episode of “The Fall Guy.” Redmond was also a regular Soul Train Dancer from 1974-1976! Looking back on the last decade, Redmond has said it is an honor and a privilege to skate with ARSD as well as be part of roller derby. Aside from his dedication to the league – and his gratitude to Hase and Dan Ferrari – Redmond has said he has “a distinct displeasure for the SF Bay Bombers and anyone who skates white shirt…he will do anything to expose what they really stand for!”

Despite his very strong distaste for his rival team, Redmond does deploys a softer side – we saw it when he was listing influential skaters such as: Harold Jackson, Ronnie Rains, Frank Apodaca, Alphonso Reyes, Judy Sowinski, Candi Mitchell, Gale Bowers, Delores Tucker and Ann Calvello.

Don’t let this softer side fool you! When you approach Redmond for an autograph, first call out his name… from at least five feet away. Then, make eye contact and use hand signals that you’d like to take a photo with him! Just don’t run on up to this fella – you just NEVER know what this All Star MVP, dedicated Brooklyn Red Devil is thinkin’!  He might not see you comin’ and you’ll end up right into the rail!

We wouldn’t want THAT to happen…now, would we?!



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