Vanessa (Hell Raze) Hurr # 17 Captain Brooklyn Red Devils

Vanessa (Hell Raze) Hurr 2014 photo credit -Fu Ling Yu


It’s no surprise with a roller derby name like “Hell Raze Hurr” Velarde has been a trouble-starting beauty on and off the track since her debut into flat track in 2008. Hell was drafted soon there after to The San Francisco Bay Bombers in 2009 and has been  stirring up trouble ever since! Late in Fall 2014 – Vanessa defiantly defected from the Bay Bombers during a game against the LA Firebirds , announcing on- the -track she has taken up shenanigans – as the woman’s team captain for the world champion, Brooklyn Red Devils. We were all in shock- including her fans! Somehow, we think her derby name is quite fitting!

Hell, resides in the San Joaquin Valley, raising a large family while serving up a healthy dose of heat wherever she goes! Working professionally as an advocate for those that cannot speak for themselves; Vanessa, knows the law all to well… suggesting she joined pro banked-track roller derby because… “ It’s the only place I can legally smack down without getting arrested!” Velarde, also states, “Skating banked track is less expensive that going to therapy!”

Hell loves the diversity derby has to offer and notes the relationships that form friends and family into one big, beautiful derby community is beautiful! She finds her inspiration channeling from the legend , Ann Calvello and from her mentor – the great Loretta Beherns. ( Lil’ Iodine) Beherns always advises Velarde to ,“ Look, listen and learn”! The ARSD skaters says, “My inspiration comes in so many different shapes and forms… “I let it soak right through me!”

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  1. Watching Hell skate makes you feel like you are right in the middle of the action! She draws you in and then spits you out and you love it!! Hands down best skater I’ve seen come along in many many years. She is going to be exciting to watch for many years to come.

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