Tony Stewart LA FireBirds #2 – The Speedster Out of SoCal!

Tony Stewart " The Speedster Out of SoCal "
Tony Stewart ” The Speedster Out of SoCal “

After 15 years of Inline Speed-skating this three time National Champion Tony Stewart, coin — ” The Speedster Out of SoCal ” was drafted to the San Francisco Bay Bombers by General Manager Jim Fitzpatrick! Stewarts mentor is the, ” California Kid ” , Michael Flanagan! And it is no wonder Tony attributes skating to his positive childhood because he was watching Roller derby from the time he could walk! Tony also idolizes the Los Angeles T-birds, and Ralphie Valaderez, and knew one day he would skate for them! His favorite roller derby icons are, Raymond Rose, Harold Jackson, and Little Richard Brown. Now Stewart skates  with or is coached by some of his early childhood legends! He is constantly talking out loud saying, “I am so blessed, it is like a dream!”

Later in his career, Stewart was signed by The Los Angeles Firebirds and has been skating with the Bombers nemesis ever since! He is one of the last original team members that wave the Firebirds green and gold! Tony loves & respects everyone involved in professional bank track roller derby, and most important, he loves the fans that come out and support! He often says, ” Whether you’re cheering me… or, booing me… I still love you! ” The Speed Skater Out of SoCal “, moonlights as an energy efficiency specialist, while also fulfilling time in the arts as a movie actor, film producer and writer! Honestly, we think Stewart is a serial entrepreneur!

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  1. I am a Film Producer and considering doing a reality show or even a Film about nice stories like this.
    I will talk to Tony Stewart!

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