Lali-O SF Bay Bomber #33 ~ Woman’s Team Captain


Our current weapon – Lali- O , was voted 2009’s “Roller Derby Queen” (a combination of most attractive and most valuable skater — a coveted award since the early 1960s.) Lali has been helping to create tomorrow’s roller derby vixens! Residing in Las Vegas, Nevada – over 10-year veteran of the banked track, says “I feel my job is to prepare the next generation for roller derby!”

Lali, the women’s captain of the Bombers who runs a roller derby school at her Las Vegas home, teaches the game to up and coming ARSD league members and anyone else who is interested in getting involved! She also makes training fun and exciting by finishing up with a good ol’ game of, “ Lali-ball!” If you think skating the bank is tough- try skating while kicking a ball around to score points! We suggest you train with her to see what THAT’s all about!

“I grew up watching the roller derby on TV and pretending to play roller derby on my cul de sac,” she said. ‘I admired skaters like Judy Arnold (Raquel Welch’s body double in the movie ‘Kansas City Bomber’ who now is a minister) and the late Judy Sowinski. I also consider myself a student of the game.”Lali, a mother of three- whose real last name is Outhoummountry, says that although there is young talent out there for the league to tap into, she hoping many of today’s young skaters will make a dedication to the sport as those of past generations, stating, “You have to go at the game whole-hearted. You cannot play half-hearted.”

Next time you attend an ARSD game – don’t forget your Sharpie for this generation’s “Rollerderby Queen’s” autograph – Lali-o, is definitely taking up a few pages in our roller derby collection – and she should be in yours too!

5 thoughts on “Lali-O SF Bay Bomber #33 ~ Woman’s Team Captain”

  1. hi, I was looking into my mothers claim that she was a former bay city bomber from the early 60’s..her name is Dorothy and her last name at the time would have been keller…any info to her past association with the team would be great..she has since past away..thank you for your help in my quest for info….karen

    1. Hello Karen,
      The Bay City Bombers are a different team from the San Francisco Bay Bombers. Best of luck with your search!

    2. I remember a jammer on the SF Bombers who was Dorothy Lee, she wore # 36 , she was an afro=american. not sure what happened because she left and Delores Tucker came aboard. hope this helps. i don’t remember any other Dorothy.

  2. I remember going to all of the Philadelphia Warrior games when they came down to the Balt Wash Area. Do you know what ever happened to Lester Quirles. I would love to see THe bombers make a trip back to the East Coast.

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