Kyle #38 and Angela Bell #31 ( Bell on Wheels)

Kyle and Angela Bell ( Bell on Wheels)
Kyle and Angela Bell ( Bell on Wheels)              2014 Photo Credit – Fo Ling Yoo

As kids, both Kyle and Angela grew up watching roller derby and loving to skate. After the couple met the incredible Lali O – women’s captain of the SF Bay Bombers – these two were able to connect their dreams by training on (cut the)the Lali-O’s full-size backyard banked roller derby track. It was a dream come true for the couple who met in 2005. By day, 47-year-old Kyle sells custom car paint and 45-year-old Angela is an eBay entrepreneur. They joined the world famous San Francisco Bay Bombers for a simple reason – it’s one of the greatest and most famous roller derby teams in the history of Banked Track Roller Derby.

Today, Kyle and Angela are proud of donning the Bay Bombers jersey and carrying on the Bomber’s long-standing tradition. Making the team as a couple – another dream come true! Each was inspired by different roller derby icons. For Kyle, it was Charlie O’Connell, Skinnie Minnie Miller (cut Miller is is only Skinnie Minnie), Patsy Delgado, Mizz Georgia Hase, Alfonso Reyes, Big John Hall, Ralphie Valladares and Sweet Stephanie Garcia. Angela, on the other hand, loved all the old school female skaters with long-flying hair. Next time you watch the team skate, take note …. Angela’s hair will be flying in the wind!

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