Guy Navarette SF Bay Bomber #35


GuyNavaretteAs new bloodline for ARSD Navarette is going into in forth season with the SF Bay Bombers! A long time resident of The San Francisco Bay Area, Navarette is smooth and cool but contains a little bit of blowup! These attributes makes Guy…  the guy to watch! You never know when its gonna go down with Guy, which… just might be his best defense!

With a long time dance/ jam skate background – it’s clear this skater knows how to work it. Navarette is that skater who glides on his wheels like he is floating on ice and swooning the audience with a Barry White song – but don’t let this bad-boy fool you! Just when you’re in Guy’s trance, he throws down when you least expect it ; earning this skater a reputation as the one to receive the most track fines early in a season!

Navarette is inspired by roller derby’s famous Charlie O’Connell and Guy’s long time local coach, The infamous, Alfonso Reyes! ( “The Bad Boy of Roller Derby”! ) It’s no wonder Guy is getting sent to the box!

When Guy is not on the track smacking down – you can find him producing music and attending live shows in the bay area’s music scene!! Next time you’re at a game – and you hunt Guy down for his autograph- ask him to give you a few dance moves instead of a headlock!

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