Eric Darnell Anderson – Los Angeles Firebirds # 4


 eric2 By day- Eric Darnell Anderson works as an Attorney in Redlands Ca. We call him Eric. And by night … his fans call him, “Ebony Blade.” A well earned name hailing from Eric’s professional wrestling days! Yes, before roller derby- there was professional wrestling. Eric loved wrestling for the action, travel, and the art of storytelling and the adulation of the fans! Eric has since retired from wrestling, but admits he does miss his comrades. He also expresses being a part of the”Ring of friendship” wrestling provided is very much missed! “ So much of the greatest life lessons I’ve ever learned, came from being in the pro- wrestling business.”

Despite a life-long love affair with pro wrestling, Eric was also introduced at a very early age to roller derby! By his Mother. The two of them would watch the games on television, while his Mother explained the rules and the play by plays to Eric. Roller derby as well as wrestling is natural for Eric! As a young boy- second grade through middle school, Eric was perpetually suspended at least once a year for fighting. “Well not so much for fighting as much as my disproportional responses, it seems the wrestling move, “Pile Driver” was an illegal move at Hughes Jr. High School and so was climbing to the top of the fence only to jump down on someone who was already prone.” As young as he was, he thought it oppressive when suspended for using a vertical suplex! eric1

As you can tell, wrestling and roller derby seem to be natural sports for him… but, there was also baseball, judo, amateur wrestling, shoot fighting and college football ! Eric played as a linebacker and nose tackle! His roller derby career came to light in1994- when he  decided to get on a set of eight wheels!

Eric loves ARSD stating it is the only league of its kind. “Prefer banked track to flat track any day.” He has skated for, The Orlando Thunder, The San Francisco Bay Bombers, The Los Angeles Firebird and The Brooklyn Red Devils and The All-Star team! Currently he is  #4 of the Los Angeles Firebirds and one of our favorite skaters to engage the audience!

Alone, he will infuriate sections of screaming Bay Bomber fans in seconds! He really knows how to rial a crowd! It is no doubt that Eric’s roller derby Inspirations are skaters like, Larry Lewis, Sandi Dunn, Cliff Butler, John Hall, Tony Roman, Bill Grolll, Sean Atkinson! His greatest accomplishment in derby thus far was having coaches Larry Lewis and Alfonso Reyes both telling him at different times- “You skate very well, and you know how to play the game! “

eric4Grab an autograph from, Eric when the Los Angeles Firebirds are on the track! But, watch-out for – “Ebony Blade” – cause his motto is to – “ Hit first, Hit the hardest, hit last….. then repeat!” They say, this by- day- trial- Lawyer is sharp! Don’t find yourself…… cut by the “Blade! “

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