Danette Daguiar “Flyn’hawaiian” SF Bay Bomber

DanetteStationed in Las Vegas, Nevada, this United States Army Soldier has been on the banked track since she was a mere fourteen years old! Growing up on the island of Oahu, Danette’s Hawaiian bloodline runs all the way back to our ladies team captain, her Aunt, Lali-O! But don’t let the Island lifestyle fool you, there isn’t ANYTHING “hang loose” once Danette hits the track – and you’ll know immediately why we call her “Flyn’hawaiian”!

Danette joined ARSD because she has such a strong passion for professional banked track roller derby! “I love the rush, excitement and the wind blowing in my hair at 40-50 mph from the physics of the banked track!” Danette has skated for the SF Bay Bombers, Las Vegas High Rollers, and her, now, rival team – The Brooklyn Red Devils. Her roller derby inspiration is our lovely Lali-O. “Lali-O has trained and mentored me into the skater I am today. I’d hope to be at least half the skater she is! I am her prodigy, so I want to make her proud!”

Danette also works as a clothing stylist for Levis Strauss Co.; and in her spare time, she is the coach for a youth softball team. Danette loves to make gains in the gym to improve her physical fitness! Next time you see Danette skating, grab her autograph and a photo for your collection and don’t forget to throw up the hang loose sign because that’s the only time you’ll see it… when this “Flyn’hawaiian” is completely off the track!

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