Dakota ” Shanks” Gaggero SF Bay Bomber #37

Dakota Gaggero ( Dakota Shanks )
Dakota Gaggero ( Dakota Shanks ) ( Photo credit- Fu Ling Yoo)









With a hobby of collecting knives, it’s no wonder Dakota went with a name like Shanks when she joined Roller derby. Following in the roller derby footsteps of her aunt, ( Vanessa Velardes) Hell Raze Hurr, 19-year-old Shanks was recently given the opportunity to skate with the world class San Francisco Bay Bombers.

For inspiration, the med student and barista looks to Alfonzo “The Bad Boy of Roller Derby” Reyes –( her Bay Area track coach ) and gorgeous SF Bay Bombers team captain, Lali O.  ( her Las Vegas track coach. ) Shanks also trains with a few of the new Bay Bomber bloodline from the ARSD Leagues’ mens team. Her new ARSD League members and teammates are also her mentors – such as Craig “Crazy “McDonald, Guy Navarette and Anthony Anderson aka “Twisted Wisker”. Shanks, is excited to be mentored by all the vets and youngbloods that have taken her under their skate wing.  Shanks is learning fast how to hit hard and make it count!

Shanks was gifted her jerseys number, #37 from her Bay Area SF Bomber Coach , the infamous Alfonso Reyes. After Reyes watched Shanks skate with the boys, he suggested she was channeling Roller Derby’s Hall of Famer, Carole “Peanuts”Meyer. One more thing about Shanks – she cooks…. and makes a mean “Smack n’ Cheese”!

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