Bill Navarro – SF Bay Bomber #37


Lali and Bill

Pro skater, Bill Navarro has been a constant with ARSD since 2008!
As a kid growing up in the SF Bay Area- Navarro avidly watched roller derby and roller games on local televisions stations. Never missing the action, Navaro reflects with excitement and a big smile saying, “It was a National sport when I was a kid! ”

Bill eventually grew up and become a pro skater building his own fan base, but Navarro states he continues to be star stuck by some of the biggest names in derby- some of those he knows first hand! His biggest dream was to someday skate under the guidance of Ms. Georgia Hase – a goal he accomplished! Today, if you were to ask Bill to name his greatest roller derby inspirations- you would hear him roll call the famous Delores Tucker, Carolyn Moreland, Barbara Baker, Francine Cochu, Lydia Clay, Cliff Butler, Bob Hein and Gil Orozco!

As ARSD proudly reflects on Bill’s greatest achievements – his five point grand slam during the Calvello Cup Championship when skating for The Orlando Thrunder with the assistance of Coach Sean Atkinson always comes to mind! Another fantastic highlight of Navarro’s career was the scoring point he contributed during the 2009 championship game at the Bay Area’s famous roller derby venue, The Cow Palace – in front of a sold out crowd containing thousands of fans!

Today, Bill – humbly continues to reflect back and is proud to have skated in front of roller derby legends such as, Lou Sanchez, Loretta Behrens, Billy Gardner, Gloria Mack, Jerry Cattell, Nick Scopas, Judy Arnold, Sue Hurt, Harold Jackson, Lew Larimer, Louie Carabello, Whirl Gray, Cliff Butler, Alfonso Reyes, Darnay McPherson, Honey Sanchez, Bobby Jennings. Also league owners, Dan Ferrari and David Lipschultz. Bill is so kind to also paying homage to those whom he has skated against – Hiroshi and Earl “The Pearl” Pearson, Bernett Jackson, Craig McDonald, and Eric Anderson.

Navaro feels accomplished in listing his team mates such as Bill “American Pie” Hill, Sean Atkinson, Denise Loden, Tink Miller, Debbie Rice, Gale Bowers, Gwen Miller, Ice Box, Greg Robertson, Mike Flannigam, Dave Marez, Dave Martinez, Tony Trujillo, Ray Robles, Lali O, Vicki McEwen, Pam Schwab, Janet Rovang, Brian Perry, Makani, Ron Jong, Darryle Davis, Pappy Stern, Guy Navarette, Andy Anderson, Raymond Rose, Karey Marengo, Dina Roman, Patsy Delgado, Carmen Thompson, Lory Weikel, Debbie Van Doren, Gina Valadares, Maverick, Roman Lascon, Lena Moore and Phil Moore.

Navaro, never been injured on the track thanks all his trainers such as the accomplished Georgia Hase, Cliff Butler, Alfonso Reyes, Darnay McPherson, Lydia Clay, Delores Tucker, Jan Vallow, Jim Johnson, Dave Martinez, JoJo Stafford, DeWitt Quarles! As a regular skater with the San Francisco Bay Bombers this Bay Area native has been side to side with the greats- Richard Brown, Eddie Hesson, Jim Fitzpatrick and Frank Apodaca!

He might still be star struck by those around him… but after listing his accolades- we also think he is shining a big bright gleem of light into the eyes of us ! Next time your at the rough and tumble world of pro roller derby, keep one eye on the game and the other in the crowd to see if you can catch Bill spectating ARSD’s new bloodline! And if you do, get your phone out! Take a Selfie – he is one rare, valuable skater you will need in your roller derby history collection!

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