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2014 San Francisco Bay Bombers
2014 San Francisco Bay Bombers ( photo credit -Fu Ling Yoo )
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Jim Fitzpatrick- San Francisco Bay Bombers -General Manager

KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAJim Fitzpatrick – local Bay Area boy hailing from San Francisco, California is an icon and roller derby legend! Not only is Jim the General Manager of the world famous, San Francisco Bay Bombers- but what you might not know, is Jim himself has been skating pro banked track since the 1980‘s! Fitzpatrick, still active in ARSD is now a retired San Francisco firefighter! Jim is the guy to know! In fact- he seems to know everyone- everywhere! [Read More]


Kyle and Angela Bell ( Bell on Wheels)

As kids, both Kyle and Angela grew up watching roller derby and loving to skate. After the couple met the incredible Lali O – women’s captain of the SF Bay Bombers – these two were able to connect their dreams by training on (cut the)the Lali-O’s full-size backyard banked roller derby track. It was a dream come true for the couple who met in 2005. [Read More]


Dakota Gaggero ( Dakota Shanks )

With a hobby of collecting knives, it’s no wonder Dakota went with a name like Shanks when she joined Roller derby. Following in the roller derby footsteps of her aunt, ( Vanessa Velardes) Hell Raze Hurr, 19-year-old Shanks was recently given the opportunity to skate with the world class San Francisco Bay Bombers.  [Read More]


Tony Stewart ( The Speed Skater Out of SoCal )

After 15 years of Inline Speed-skating this three time National Champion Tony Stewart, coin — ” The Speedster Out of SoCal ” was drafted to the San Francisco Bay Bombers by General Manager Jim Fitzpatrick! Stewarts mentor is the, ” California Kid ” , Michael Flanagan! And it is no wonder Tony attributes skating to his positive childhood because he was watching Roller derby from the time he could walk! [Read More]


Vanessa (Hell Raze) Hurr

VanessaHellRazeHurrIt’s no surprise with a roller derby name like “Hell Raze Hurr” Velarde has been a trouble starting beauty on and off the track since her flat track debut in 2008 ; then pro with The San Francisco Bay Bombers, Fall of 2009! Vanessa has just deflected from the Bay Bombers, fall 2014 as team captain for the world champions, The Brooklyn Red Devils. Somehow we think her derby name is quite fitting! [Read More]


Guy Navarette SF Bay Bomber #35

GuyNavaretteAs new bloodline for ARSD Navarette is going into in forth season with the SF Bay Bombers! A long time resident of The San Francisco Bay Area, Navarette is smooth and cool but contains a little bit of blowup! These attributes make Guy the, “Youngblood” to watch! You never know when its gonna go down with Guy which… just might be his best defense! [Read More]


Don Lastra – ARSD Referee

LastraDonMarkLastra has been on quad wheels since 1967! His resume includes highlights such as television programs like “Rock ‘N Roll Games” and “Roller Jam.” Lastra’s home base was the Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles California! It all started in 1953- skating in Ocean Park, California. Don was a RSROA (Roller Skating Rink Operators Association ) smooth dance skater [Read More]


Pappy Stern #34 – San Francisco Bay Bombers

PappySternPappy is a seasoned vet with 43 years of roller skating under his belt. The graphic artistic started skating at 7 years old, turned pro at 15, and started roller derby in 1982. During his rookie year, Pappy was selected to the Western All Stars team. He still cherishes the memories of competing in cities across the United States with his T-Bird brothers and sisters. A Northridge native, Pappy skated for 10 seasons with the World Champion L.A. T-birds until 1990 when he enlisted in the U.S. Navy.[Read More]


Danette Daguiar “Flyn’hawaiian” SF Bay Bomber

DanetteStationed in Las Vegas, Nevada, this United States Army Soldier has been on the banked track since she was a mere fourteen years old! Growing up on the island of Oahu, Danette’s Hawaiian bloodline runs all the way back to our ladies team captain, her Aunt, Lali-O! But don’t let the Island lifestyle fool you, there isn’t ANYTHING “hang loose” once Danette hits the track – and you’ll know immediately why we call her “Flyn’hawaiian”![Read More]

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